The Best Dive Bars in River North

River North boasts the cultural heart of the city. With some of the finest shopping, museums,  and theaters around, it is easy to spend a classy night out with friends or wine and dine with your loved one. But sometimes you just want to keep things simple and throw back a shot of whiskey andContinue reading “The Best Dive Bars in River North”

Satisfying Summer Cocktails For Sunny Days

It’s now the middle of the summer. The perfect time to sit out on the balcony or by the pool and sip a delicious, refreshing summer cocktail. Whether you are hosting a barbecue in the picnic area or lounging lounging in the evening by the poolside fire pit, no summer scene is complete without aContinue reading “Satisfying Summer Cocktails For Sunny Days”

Snapshot of the Street Art Scene in Midtown

Atlanta has long been an influential city when it comes to the arts, from leading the charge in Rock and Roll and Hip Hop to upping the game in the performing arts. But one area that Atlanta is coming into its own is street art. Here are 4 street artists with pieces in Midtown thatContinue reading “Snapshot of the Street Art Scene in Midtown”

The Ideal Nashville Weekend Staycation

As the great American poets Blink 182 once said, “work sucks, I know.” Every so often, the pressures of the job can build to a breaking point and you just need to get away to maintain your sanity. We wrote before about amazing day getaways out of Nashville. But getting away can be difficult. So what’s your alternative? Staycation!Continue reading “The Ideal Nashville Weekend Staycation”

Morguard Wins Two More HOOPP LEAP Awards

Here at Morguard, we strive to champion groundbreaking sustainability practices throughout our entire North American portfolio. This year, we were honored to receive recognition for our efforts with two Leadership in Environmental Advancement Program (“LEAP”) Awards by the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (“HOOPP”). This marks the fifth consecutive year that our commitment to increasedContinue reading “Morguard Wins Two More HOOPP LEAP Awards”

Savor a Swim in San Francisco | Solaire

We’re halfway through August, and autumn is just around the corner. Which for the rest of the country means colder weather is on the way. But as every San Franciscan knows, the real summer is just beginning around September. Karl packs his bags and we’re granted a window of sunshine before the chilly weather. TakeContinue reading “Savor a Swim in San Francisco | Solaire”

Trick or Treat Yo’ Self to the Best Pumpkin Patches in South Bay | OCL

Halloween is coming up fast! The decorations are already starting to hit store shelves, the days are getting shorter, and that one friend everyone has for whom Halloween is bigger than Christmas is getting more and more excited. With less than a month left before the big day it is time to start finalizing costumeContinue reading “Trick or Treat Yo’ Self to the Best Pumpkin Patches in South Bay | OCL”

Private: New Community Spotlight: Lumen, Tysons | LMC

What is a lumen? It’s more than just a name. It is an ideal. A lumen is a unit of light, and that is exactly what LMC is bringing to the Tysons community: light. Like the glow at the top of a lighthouse, we are preparing to be a shining beacon in our little corner ofContinue reading “Private: New Community Spotlight: Lumen, Tysons | LMC”