Snapshot of the Street Art Scene in Midtown

Atlanta has long been an influential city when it comes to the arts, from leading the charge in Rock and Roll and Hip Hop to upping the game in the performing arts. But one area that Atlanta is coming into its own is street art.

Here are 4 street artists with pieces in Midtown that you need to see.

Yoyo Ferro

Yoyo Ferro comes to Atlanta from Brazil, where he grew as an artist both in visual media and music. He was a member of a punk rock band called Razura in a part of Brazil where country music is the dominant genre. So he always felt like he was fighting the tide. And he brings that boundary-pushing mentality to his art. His paintings resemble a cross between the swirling dimensions of Dr. Seuss and the bold, eye-catching colors of Andy Warhol. Yoyo has a few pieces in Midtown, including at the Allied Universal building between Spring St. NW and West Peachtree St. NW.

Greg Mike

Greg Mike Mensching grew up in Connecticut and frequently made trips to New York, where he was inspired by the graffiti and skater scene there. He mixes the frenetic energy of mid-century cartoon drawing with a passion for the reinvention of public spaces through design. Greg Mike also wants to support rising talent, so he founded The ABV Agency, a studio that specializes in branding and visual production by Atlanta art pioneers. His work can be seen in Midtown on the side of Modera on 8th St. NW and Williams.

Andrew Catanese

Drawing inspiration from literature, biblical tales, and myth, Andrew Catanese paints figures among the dense, lush leafage of the deep south. He works to portray the South’s complexity, the struggle between its inherent beauty and the more convoluted aspects of its past. Andrew’s work has been displayed in Atlanta, Missouri, and Virginia, as well as international showings in Italy. The mural below can be seen at the Midtown Transit Station.


Alex Brewer, who goes by the name HENSE when painting, is an Atlanta native. He honed his craft through graffiti work in the 90s and now his bold, colorful, sometimes brilliantly chaotic murals can be seen all over town. HENSE layers patterns and shapes to create multi-dimensional murals that harken back to the post-modern minimalist approach, while incorporating crisp geometric lines and shapes. HENSE murals can be seen on the Icon Midtown apartments on 14th St. NW, and on the Eastside BeltLine Trail under the Virginia Ave overpass.

These eye-popping murals can turn a boring city wall into a gateway to another world. If you’re out in Midtown and see some street art that moves you, share it with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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