Savor a Swim in San Francisco | Solaire

We’re halfway through August, and autumn is just around the corner. Which for the rest of the country means colder weather is on the way. But as every San Franciscan knows, the real summer is just beginning around September. Karl packs his bags and we’re granted a window of sunshine before the chilly weather. Take advantage of the warm days with these pools in San Francisco.

UCSF Mission Bay Outdoor Pool

Let’s start things off with a swim with a view. The Mission Bay Pool at the Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center is a rooftop gem that allows swimming in the sun with a view of the city. This pool was rated Best Pool two years in a row by San Francisco Magazine, and voted Best Outdoor Pool by 7X7 Magazine. Trained lifeguards are on duty at all times, so you can feel safe while you’re enjoying a dip. If you’re not quite a Michael Phelps level swimmer, there are classes available for all ages. They have been teaching people to swim since 1950, so at this point, they likely know what they’re doing.

Hamilton Recreation Center

Two words: indoor waterslides. Really what more do you need to know? The Hamilton Recreation Center offers a ton of fun for the low price of $6. Other than driving out of the city in search of a water park, this is your best bet for waterslide action.

Martin Luther King Jr. Indoor Pool

This is a pretty straightforward public pool. But it is cleaner than most. There is a shallow wading pool at the MLK pool for kids, and nice wide lanes for lap swimmers. With eight lanes, there is plenty of room for multiple swimmers to get their reps in. And as much as you wish you were swimming out in the glorious sun, this indoor pool allows watery fun in any kind of weather. Like Hamilton, the entrance fee is only $6, so you can swim on the cheap.  

Mission Community Pool

Not to be confused with the Mission Bay Pool, this fresh air swimming hole is the only outdoor municipal pool in the city. Which means the Mission Pool falls under that $6 umbrella! There are designated times for lap swimming and free swimming, so be sure to check the website before you go to make sure you will get the experience you want out of it. And if you are a “lounge by the pool sunbathing” type, you might want to look elsewhere. Space around the pool is very limited. It is strictly for people who are serious about playing in the water.

When you live in SF, it can be hard to find a pool that is not at a hotel. And they can be exclusive to guests. So it is nice to know there are options for those days when you just want to dive in and get your swim on. Try these pools and enjoy swim time while it’s still around!

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