Morguard Wins Two More HOOPP LEAP Awards

Here at Morguard, we strive to champion groundbreaking sustainability practices throughout our entire North American portfolio. This year, we were honored to receive recognition for our efforts with two Leadership in Environmental Advancement Program (“LEAP”) Awards by the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (“HOOPP”).

This marks the fifth consecutive year that our commitment to increased efficiency has been acknowledged by HOOPP, and we’re thrilled to announce that this brings the total number of LEAP awards we’ve received to fourteen.

Leading From the Top

Our endeavors in the area of sustainability and environmental responsibility are not taken lightly and are core to the very business structure of our company. As our Chairman and CEO, K. Rai Sahi, says, “Our focus on Responsible Property Investing as a best practice allows us to identify and incorporate environmentally responsible initiatives proactively and efficiently. Moreover, effective collaboration with our partners and tenants is fundamental to our ability to uphold and constantly improve sustainability practices at our properties.”

A Team Effort

The credit for the two awards can largely be credited to the outstanding collaboration with our tenants and commercial partners. The first award, the Energy Saver: Performance Award, recognized our Robson Central property for an exceptional 20% decrease in normalized energy intensity in 2017 versus the year before.

The other award, the Tenant Leader: Commercial Award, was given for the relationship we fostered with our commercial tenant BluEarth Renewables. Through shared belief in the importance of such energy-saving strategies as composting, electric vehicle charging stations, and other environment-friendly tactics, Morguard and BluEarth Renewables set a shining example for other area businesses.

Continual Improvement

Rather than rest easy on a job well done, we continue to seek out new ways to be at the forefront of sustainability efforts. Through our Sustainable Morguard Program, we have seen marked improvement year over year since the program’s founding in 2015:  

  • 4.0% reduction in energy use, enough to power 1,880 homes for a year
  • 5.1% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to eliminating the annual GHG emissions from over 1,010 passenger vehicles
  • 4.5% reduction in water usage, equivalent to 30 Olympic swimming pools
  • 11 LEED certified green buildings in operation with 6 properties currently in the certification process
  • 60 properties currently certified through BOMA BEST with 5 properties currently in the certification process
  • 5 consecutive years of recognition as one of Canada’s Safest Employers

We are humbled to have received these awards from HOOPP, and we strive to show increases in conservation benchmarks in the future.

We love working with people who are as dedicated to sustainable practices as we are. If you or someone you know is interested in a career with an eco-conscious company, please consider Morguard for your new role. We are always looking for talented people who love their work and their environment.

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